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Akashic Records


Akashic Records are a record of all of your soul's experiences through time, space, and dimension.

Allow this reading to guide and empower you in your future desires. 

The Akashic Records are the accounts of your soul's journey from Source/the Great Mystery through lifetimes of adventures, eventually returning to Source/the Great Mystery. Akashic Records are also known as the Book of Life as they hold all the stories of every event you've ever lived, the things you did, the things you didn't do, all of your choices, without judgment.


During Akashic Records Consultations, you receive tools and prayers to help you release and continue releasing what comes up during your sessions. What I like about this is it actually empowers you to change your reality and what's being created.


With the tools and prayers, it becomes quite easy and simple to shift that which you may have once deemed an impossibility.


This gives you greater choice in life - more fun and laughter, health, wealth, and successful businesses and relationships.  Removing blocks to receiving if you are willing to choose it. And if you already have great wealth, great success, great health, and a great relationship with your body, you can generate even more.

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