Messages from The Ponies Private Sessions

Coaching with horses, or “The Ponies” as we affectionately call them, are magical and phantastical experiences! Equines are aware of what is energetically happening around them, picking up on your emotional, mental, and physical states of being and the slightest changes in them.


The Ponies show you where you are giving up you – hiding, settling, choosing what others want you to do, choosing a mediocre and neglectful life with your body, business, money, relationships, and even sex.

These amazing creatures get into your heart and soul, and without judgment show you when you are lying to yourself and others, and when you are energetically in alignment with your choices.

In your sessions, you can also look forward to different exercises to help you get in touch with your body, your breath, and your balance. Balance in all aspects of your life.


There is no previous horse experience required. And sessions can be live or online. Yes, online works beautifully, too.

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